‘Identity, politics, and the pandemic: Why is COVID-19 a disaster for feminism(s)?’

COVID-19 has been called “a disaster for feminism” (Lewis in The coronavirus is a disaster for feminism, 2020) for numerous reasons. In this short piece, we make sense of this claim, drawing on intersectional feminism(s) to understand why an analysis that considers gender alone is inadequate to address both the risks and consequences of COVID-19.

Cripping Transplant Technologies at 4S

Crip/STS Convergences In Transplantation Technologies: Critical Methods For The Curative Imaginary Suze Berkhout, University of Toronto; Kelly Fritsch, Carleton University Often considered a pinnacle of medical technoscience, solid organ transplantation and related interventional devices (ventricular assist devices, VADs; extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ECMO) are described and hoped for as a new and improved state that achieves …